Sunday, 15 October 2017

An Instagrammers Meet Up In Melbourne

 Last weekend I flew to Melbourne to share a weekend of fun, fashion and conversation with these stylish women that I met through the joy of Instagram.
L-R Suzanne  @airofdistinction, Silvana@embellish_or_perish, me, Elizabeth@timeless_styling.
 Elizabeth is from Brisbane in Queensland  and we met last year when I was there on holiday. We have kept in touch online but it was so good to catch up in person again.
 After lunch and a spot of shopping , guided by Suzanne who is a Melbourne local and a fashion stylist and of course knows the best spots for something special, we headed to Hosier Lane , a popular photographic location with its street art.
 Instagrammers in action, I had to show the back of Silvana's Frida jacket by Suzi Click that she purchased on a recent trip to L.A.
 Elizabeth found her Italian linen dress at a local thrift shop and added the applique and embroidery.
A perfectly co-ordinated bangle stack , rings and necklaces in a variety of colours and shape the perfect finishing touches., as are those glorious metallic brogues.
 Silvana hails from the mid New South Wales coast and is a lover of colour and accessories and has the most glorious silver tresses .I also wish to thank Silvana for generously sharing her photos , I have included some here along with several of mine.
I went for my favourite all black - Moyuru skirt, Issey Miyake pleats please jacket ( purchased at a recycle store last year in Paris), teamed with black and white bangles , black and white diamond shape earrings that I found at a little shop in an arcade the day before , Preen black and white sunnies and silver shoes.

We topped off a memorable weekend with a visit to the National Gallery of Victoria for the 70 years of Dior exhibition. A post of the exhibition will follow as soon as I have finished sorting my many photographs.

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Monday, 2 October 2017

Bronze and Black Oriental Vibe

I discovered this black and bronze oriental inspired coat at a local recycled clothing store some time ago and had been biding my time until our weather warmed a little to bring it out to play.

 The day started out with promise but by the time we reached Corra Linn , a local picnic spot by the river, it was cool and as the photos show quite windy.

 I must admit it was the contrast with the bronze and black and the embroidery work that really drew my attention to this coat because if I am truthful I really do not need another coat .
I teamed this coat with my Moyuru pants , black vintage pixie hat, Robert Clergerie bronze wedges from many Summers ago , a few bangles and bronze Gucci sunnies , that I have kept for so many years they are now vintage and a brown and black necklace .
I am off to Melbourne at the end of the week , a rather social time planned including seeing my son, catching up with Melbourne friends and spending time with two girlfriends in Melbourne from other states , we are going to see the 70 years of Dior exhibition at the National Gallery. I am still in the throes of sorting my outfits , a challenge with carry on luggage .
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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Black and White Amongst The Blooms

Back in my perennial  favourite combination of black and white to showcase the beauty of the Spring blooms in my garden.The magnolia with her pale pink blooms is a breathtaking sight.

 The flowering currant behind me with its bracts of pretty pink flowers reminds me of past times spent with cousins in my grandmother's garden in the countryside.
 This camellia reticulata with its large hot pink blooms is probably my favourite of all the camellias in the garden .
 Today's black and white outfit is a combination of elements from my closet. The starting point was my Sarah Paccini vest , paired with a white shirt and Moyuru pants.I added my little wool hat that I purchased earlier this Winter , a brooch, black and white gloves from Paris last year ( a souvenier that keeps on giving) and Fly London shoes ( a charity shop find for a whole $4.00).
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Monday, 18 September 2017

Cream and Red Play in the Park

 A sunny albeit windy Spring morning was the perfect opportunity to break out a lighter outfit for a visit to the City Park , which is looking quite a picture with all the Spring blooms.

 After my darker colours of Winter it was fun to don my old favourite cream and pair it with red. The asymetrical red spot and cream top by Alembika is a new seasons purchase and I know when our weather finally warms up will have many outings.
 The top is paired with drop crotch pants by Western Australian designer Megan Salmon and a jacket from Ted Baker , an old favourite of mine. I love a jacket and have amassed quite a collection over time, with our unpredictable weather they always come in handy.
 A taupe bag , cream tassel brogues , red circle earrings, Chanel sunnies in taupe and black and a bangle stack in cream and red complete todays outfit.
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Monday, 4 September 2017

A Berry Start To Spring

Spring has arrived in my part of the world heralding the arrival of the first magnolia blooms on my tree , an event that never ceases to amaze me as the bare branches become a confection of pink blooms.

To celebrate the arrival of Spring my colour of the day was berry or grape depending on your point of view. I am not one to embrace the supposed colours of the season as dictated by "experts", as far as colour goes I simply choose to wear what I like and what suits me.
Spring also comes with uncertain weather , today went from sunshine to rain to hail and then back to sunshine , thus a change of location mid photo session today from the garden to the industrial site.

Both of today's berry pieces are from Return to Splendour , a local consignment store. The skirt is from Kokomorino and the jacket from Bec and Bridge , Australian designers, I love the blanket stitch edging on this little jacket, takes me back to school sewing classes.
Finishing touches are a black knit beret , a double string necklace that I have had for many years, sunnies from Karen Walker , a multi- colour bangle and a wide belt from Crochetta . I am enjoying rediscovering my belt collection, goes to prove never part with anything , its time will come again.

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Monday, 28 August 2017

Tartan and a Dream Hat Revisited

Officially this is the last Winter post , Spring is literally just round the corner on Friday in fact , so it really was time to revisit my all time favourite Winter hat. I had been biding my time searching for the perfect coat or jacket to accompany this beauty but this was not the year for this to happen. I know it will , as it often does when you least expect it and from an unlikely source.

 Time to draw on old favourites , this little tartan jacket has made several appearances previously and my long black leather skirt - both sourced from a local recycled clothing store.Elbow length black leather gloves that I discovered at a charity shop in Adelaide at Easter make the perfect finishing touch.

Red suede ankle boots by Ara , another old favourite, complete today's outfit.

 I just had to include a close-up of the details on my hat , love the braiding detail . The hat is made by
a Tasmanian milliner , Susan McArthur . I am a great admirer of her millinery and am now the proud owner of three of her glorious creations.

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Monday, 21 August 2017

Classic Trench With A Twist

 This rather classic style trench has been a part of my wardrobe for many years. Yes, the style is classic as a trench should be but this one is a soft, buttery leather hence the twist.I love the oatmeal colour of the leather and the finishing details including the large buttons. The coat was made  and designed in New Zealand by the late Victoria Moore, a charming and very talented lady that I had the pleasure of meeting many years ago.

I know classic , yet alone beige, gets a bad rap for being boring but sometimes the classic road is one I like to venture on and just make it my own .

 My own touches included these yellow spot and black gloves from Violet Priscilla (isn't that a wonderful name for a glove company) and my bejewelled hat from Helen Kaminsky .
On another note please excuse my slightly battered looking nose , I had some sun damage attended to
after a visit to a skin specialist last week. The result of too much time in my younger years spent in the harsh Aussie sun. Everything was fine and I will be back to normal in a couple of weeks.

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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Black Ruffles and Animal Print Accessories

Playing in the park in black ruffles and animal print accessories. My black wool ruffled jacket by
New Zealand designer Paula Ryan was purchased last year at a local consignment shop and is worn
over a black knit and paired with my favourite Moyuru pants.The animal prints consist of a vintage hat , a rare online purchase from Ruby Lane a couple of years ago when our Aussie dollar was
better against the US dollar , leopard print gloves purchased in Melbourne many Winters ago and Preen sunnies .

 The chance of me climbing in these boots from Estilo Emporio boots is rather unlikely but hey are made for walking. My vintage bag ,from The Vintage Red Fox, that has been featured on the blog previously, completed the outfit.

 I have been giving much thought lately to the joy of dressing for myself and what that really means in my day to day life. I have come to the conclusion that dressing in a way that pleases me is important for my well being on so many different levels.

 I was honoured to be included in a post by Natalia of In the Writers Closet titled "She-roes from around the Globe ". We are all very different in style but to quote Natalia "they share a love of colour,
good design, fun and thoughtful accessories, slow fashion and often vintage or secondhand clothes.
And another thing they have in common is that each of them has her own , unique,  truly individual and absolutely unrepeatable sense of style."'

Winter dressing is my favourite , all those layers , the hats, the gloves , the boots , they suit my own take on structured style. Spring is around the corner , as the first rhododendron suggests, so time to
play in my closet , I hope to add more colour this year.

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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Mixing it up in Black

 Winter is slowly edging toward Spring in my part of the world . Time to play in my closet and mix
it up a bit with items that have not had an outing for quite some time.

My black Moyuru skirt once again the perfect starting point, I knew this skirt was an absolute gem and has surely earned its place in my wardrobe.Don't you just love it when your instincts are spot on. 

 This black leather jacket from Australian designers George Gross and Harry Ho has been lurking in
my closet for several years . It has a jewel like stud on each tiny square and at certain angles they catch the light and shine. On reflection I still am rather fond of this jacket so maybe it will come out
to play more frequently.

 My black suede ankle boots with their crystal studded zipper are from Fiordiluma and have been
with me for many years , so long they probably be considered vintage. They are now special occasion only, as sadly, the heel is a little high for me to wear yet alone walk in for too long but they are a bit special so they will stay.

To add to the sparkly theme I added this little purple veiled hat with its glitzy centre adornment.

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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Wattle Time

 It's Wattle blooming time in Tasmania , not only are they are a joy to behold with their sunny yellow
flowers they herald in the last official month of Winter. It has become a bit of a ritual for us to visit
a relatively nearby State Recreational Park in Wattle time for a photoshoot.

 The vibrant yellow of the blooms make the perfect backdrop for my gloves with their colourful finger detail, these are the gloves I found in Lisbon, Portugal last year and bring happy memories of a magical week in Lisbon.

 New brogues found last week for half price at a small local show store, a miracle for me I rarely strike it lucky in end of year sales.

Enjoying my natural surroundings and embracing the changing seasons is certainly something I am more aware of now than in my younger years, I guess time plays a factor here. When we are young
and working and playing hard this is something taken for granted.
My recent Japan trip in Cherry Blossom season certainly opened my eyes to the appreciation of the
joys of nature to the Japanese people and the huge role it plays in the enjoyment of life.

For my Wattle viewing I wore a Marlene Birger leopard print wool top over a black knit, Moyuru pants, Ted Baker hat, sunnies Preen , gloves from Lisbon and Diego and Juliette brogues.

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